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“This is probably one of my new favorites I've heard in awhile! Those riffs are just thick and doomy, with a touch of blues and its fantastic! The drumming is just on point and I really loved the bass backing up the guitar and creating such a crunch! Vocally I loved the very powerful and just dominant style. Honestly the whole time I was listening to this I kept thinking "this kind of sounds like a female fronted Black Sabbath" , very cool!”


Dead Groove Band is a Power Trio created in Los Angeles, California. Three ambitious musicians taking on 3 part harmonies, inspiring riffs, and memorable melodies to create a new face for Hard Rock. With the current release of their debut - self titled record they will take you on a musical journey with satellites, fast cars, and infinite journeys into the unknown. 

Dead Groove Band is: 

Holly West - Bass and Vocals - Known for being the bassist of the California based all female Led Zeppelin tribute Zepparella. 

Fred Aching - Drums - Known for touring internationally with huge acts, POWERFLO with Sen Dog from CypressHill, BillyBio, also touring with Bulletboys, Culprit and more. 

Cesar Salaverry - Guitars - Known for his vocal coaching on The Voice Peru and guitarist of largely popular touring rock band, Mauser of Peru.


Dead Groove just recorded 3 new songs in the Lima studio with our engineer.

We are excited to get these mixed and mastered so we can work on release dates!

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Dead Groove’s Self Titled Album

About the album:

On the album's cover we see a 4th density planet with its own consciousness, sending one of their UFO vessels to our galaxy to make contact with Earth and study the evolution of its inhabitants, powered by an ancient skull.

Having endured the tortuous existence of being a human stuck on Planet Earth, they have now re-emerged into a new world... rebellious… confused...ready to break any chain.


1. Satellite King

2. ‘69 Stingray

3. Maverick

4. The Devil

5. Bad Friend

6. Silver Spoon

7. Play Your Hand

8. The Book Of The Dead

9. Ghost

10. Into Infinity

Album cover by Fred Aching Design

The third single from this debut record, ’Ghost’ will be released in late February 2023.

All tracks were written by Dead Groove Band, edited by Luis Salaverry, mixed by Marcos Monnerat at Stereo Rat studios in Costa Rica, and mastered by Maor Appelbaum of Los Angeles.

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The Book of The Dead

Bad Friend

Into Infinity

Book of the Dead - Live Studio Version

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